We have added new services to meet all of your pet needs, thanks to many suggestions we have received from our best advisors, YOU!


  We have lowered our prices and raised our quality. Our goal is to acheive the highest pet grooming standards possible under our budget. The results have been exceedingly successful.


  We are now more mobile than ever! Wecome to you, so you don't have to worry about any of the details of where and when. We make it convenient for you. So far, people have appreciated our speedy service getting to them and providing the ultimate grooming care for their pet.



I grew up always wanting to groom animals, and now I am. For many years, I've been professionally grooming animals, and I've become very good at it. After working for high class grooming businesses, I decided it was time to start a business of msy own, grooming pets. I was completely confident I could run a great service, and I haven't been dissappointed yet. All of my customers are pleased with the service they received from me, and they keep me coming back. I want you to give me a try, and see for yourself all of the excellent benefits in having me groom your pet.


This is What I Enjoy!

You can bet your pet will get the best care and skill a pet could ever get! I enjoy everything I do at this job, and I make sure your pet feels great when he's with me and looks great when he leaves with you. You will know this to be absolutely true when you see his bright smile from all the attention he'll get and from all the wonderful compliments you will get when people see how spectacular your pet looks!